Can Cats Eat Popcorn? vets tips

Sometimes, it’s hard not to spoil your feline friend by giving him a special prize. Cats, however, are not like humans, they have different digestive systems. Certain types of human food cannot be consumed by your cats.

But can cats eat corn? Is it safe to give it to your feline friend? Can cats eat corn? Before answering this question, we found out what corn is.

Corn is a cereal. Cat food, whether of the lowest quality or the finest, contains a small amount of corn. You can find it on the label, with the name of corn, corn flour, corn grits, and the like.

Some companies that produce cat food insist that corn is a good source of protein, but the truth is that they are added fibers. When your cats eat corn, they obviously don’t die …

However, corn is believed to contribute to obesity and may cause digestive problems. Also, as it is a cereal, it could cause diabetes. If you fed your cat a bowl of corn, he obviously will not immediately suffer from diabetes and obesity.

However, you can have an upset stomach if you eat a lot of it. If you give your cats corn as the main source of protein, instead of quality meat, they can suffer malnutrition and organic damage. Keep in mind that cats are carnivores in nature.

This means that they need meat to survive. It also means that they cannot have complete nutrition just from cereals and plants. However, corn itself is not harmful to cat friends. Perhaps feed them a tablespoon of corn only once in a while. Don’t get them used to eating corn.

Can Corn Cause Skin Problems?

Because corn is considered a fiber, it can cause itching, irritation, and other allergy symptoms. If symptoms are not treated immediately, they can lead to excessive hair loss. Furthermore, most of the corn grown in the world is genetically modified corn.

In this transgenic corn, genes are added to the food structure to make them resistant to herbicides. This can cause the production of toxic proteins that work like pesticides. Studies have shown that this genetically modified corn can cause liver and / or kidney dysfunction in rats.

It can also cause damage to the adrenal glands, spleen, and heart in animals. However, this study has been declared “inconclusive” but many believe that there are economic interests behind the latest statement.

The validity of the search remains controversial. However, with these results, many European countries have banned the use of this type of corn. In the United States, however, they remain legal.

Corn And Cereal Free Foods

There are pet food stores that sell holistic, natural, and organic cat food, as well as free corn and cereal. They are the safest for your cat’s consumption. Even the biggest pet stores sell grain-free cat food.

You can share it with your cat, but not always! If you like to eat corn, you should give it to your cat as an occasional cousin. Start at the beginning with a small amount. Then find out if your digestive system can support this type of food.

It’s also important to remember that when you feed your cat corn, it should be fresh. If it is old or stale, it can be bad. Expired corn can cause health problems for your cat. If the food is old and you are infected with E. coli or Salmonella, your cat can spread harmful organisms through its feces into the environment.

Some cats are believed to have corn allergies – check for allergy symptoms. As mentioned earlier, cats are meat eaters. So focus on providing your cats with high quality meat. They don’t need corn.

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