COLOMBIA: They told him that his father had died, but he found him breathing in the morgue

The unusual case occurred in Sincelejo, Sucre, when a woman after receiving the news that her father had died found him still with vital signs. The clinic does not give explanations of what happened and the family announces legal actions.

An unusual case was presented in a Colombian Caribbean city, a man who had been presumed dead was found stable and conscious by his relatives who forcibly entered the morgue where they had the body.

The events occurred in Sincelejo, capital of the department of Sucre in northern Colombia, there the doctors from the Las Peñitas clinic informed the family of Juan José Muñoz Romero, a 67-year-old man who had entered the morning of Monday, July 6 due to a sudden rise in her blood pressure, which had died a few hours after being admitted.

According to the family’s report to the newspaper El Heraldo, the daughter of Muñóz Romero did not believe what the media said, and bypassing the clinic’s security protocols to prevent Covid-19 infections, she entered the morgue area and found her father breathing, with vital signs and conscious.

Only two hours had passed between the entrance of her father and the time when the doctors informed them of his death, which increased the family’s disbelief, according to the daughter’s statements, they did not let them see the body because of the restrictions in the face of the pandemic, so he decided to take advantage of an oversight of the clinic staff to reach the morgue.

When he finds that his father is conscious, he goes to seek help from a doctor, but he insists that Muñóz Romero is dead and that this reaction is normal in all recently deceased patients.

“My sister does not stay with that answer and decides to take him from where they took him and we transferred him to another clinic. At that time, when they kept him in the morgue, giving him up for dead, they affected him and gave him an ischemia, ”Martín, one of Muñóz Romero’s sons, told El Heraldo.

The 67-year-old man is currently in the La Concepción clinic, where he was transferred by his relatives after the unusual incident.

Neither the Las Peñitas clinic nor the Sincelejo authorities have ruled on the case. The family, meanwhile, seeks to take legal action against the clinic and the doctors who declared her father dead.

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