Donald Trump received López Obrador at the White House

The President of Mexico and the US President are currently holding a private meeting

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the US President, Donald Trump, are currently holding a private meeting at Casa Blaca, and later, they will do so with their delegations.

Trump and López Obrador are meeting in search of a “long-term solution to illegal immigration,” according to the White House.

President López Obrador’s convoy entered the White House around 2 pm (Washington time); Where just before the truck where the Mexican president was traveling arrived, the US president stood at the front door to receive his Mexican counterpart.

Upon arrival, Donald Trump and López Obrador greeted each other without shaking hands. The leaders did not wear face masks and seconds after the historic meeting, they entered the interior of the White House.

After the protocol greetings, presentation of delegations and signing of the Guest Book, the leaders are currently holding a historic private meeting.

López Obrador left the Mexican embassy in Washington to head to the White House where he was received by Donald Trump.

The visit to the Lincoln memorial lasted no more than 10 minutes, as scheduled. Then a brief ceremony was held at the Benemérito de las Américas statue, under strict surveillance by the Secret Service, in which the Mexican national anthem was sung. Benito Juárez’s statue was a gift from Mexico to the United States, in reciprocity with that of President Abraham Lincoln, located in Lincoln Park in Mexico City.

López Obrador’s working visit to Washington has provoked divided reactions. In the framework of the meeting with his counterpart Donald Trump, the signs of support and encouragement have been constant, but they have also been combined with criticism and claims by his detractors in the United States.

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