How to make money watching ads on the Internet

Earning money by watching ads around this time serves to generate extra income. In fact, it is a business that has become very fashionable during the quarantine

As a general rule, for each ad you will be paid from 0.001 to 0.1 cents, which although it may seem little, it is not so much when you are registered on many of these pages at the same time and also you are getting referrals little by little. That way, profits can increase exponentially.

Earning money by viewing ads on the Internet is available to anyone who wants to.

It is only a matter of dedicating work and being very consistent.

How much money can be earned by watching ads

When you start to see advertising and earn money in this way you can receive figures that at first may seem very small, ranging from 0.001 to 0.10 cents, so it is essential to be registered on several platforms and even have multiple accounts.

It must be clear from the outset that success with this type of “business” will be proportional to the number of pages and the time devoted to them. In any case, if you have little time available, you will receive little money, but if you spend a lot of time, you can receive more money.

There is no standard or fixed amount that can be obtained, but the income will always be variable and will be directly related to the time spent.

With these pages a person will not become a millionaire, but they will earn extra income. On average it can be considered that by investing 5 or 10 seconds you will receive 0.005 cents.

It is important to consider that although there are pages with great reputation and seriousness, there are also others that are dedicated to scamming, and that after having clicked for a long time, you do not receive the corresponding payment.

How do I charge to see ads?

In order to collect it is necessary to have an electronic payment processor so that the money can be received. These pages almost always recommend a specific one, for example Payeer, Skrill or AirTM.

It will seem strange that PayPal is not mentioned or recommended, and this is due to recently implemented changes in the use policies, for which this electronic payment processor was very limited for those who work with PTC.

Some PTCs can also offer GRIDs, which are raffles, and that by winning you can get an amount of money, in this case the payment is made through platforms such as Zelle or Wells Fargo.

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