Lionel Messi fired Iker Casillas: one of his favorite victims

The FC Barcelona captain was full of praise for the Spanish goalkeeper, whom he had to face in every classic they played until the departure of the merengue player for Porto in 2015

Iker Casillas ended his career as a footballer after spending more than 20 years under the sticks, among whom he lived great joys and sorrows, some of them with name and surname: Lionel Messi, one of the strikers who gave him the most headaches. caused.

As well as Sergio Ramos, Andrés Iniesta, or Gianluigi Buffon, the captain of FC Barcelona also wanted to leave a message for one of his favorite victims: “Iker retires, but he has passed into football history a long time ago, not only for having been a benchmark in the League, but because at the international level he also managed to win everything, ”he told Spanish media As.

In total, both shared 37 matches, of which 15 ended in victories for the Catalans and 12 were for the Merengue team. However, in most of them the Argentine star was the main protagonist, beating the Spanish on different occasions. From his first triplet in a Classic to a double in the Champions League semifinals in 2009, which allowed him to enter and win the final at Wembley.

“You are a spectacular goalkeeper and the truth was that it was hard to have you as an opponent, but looking back I also think it was a pretty nice rivalry that made us have to overcome ourselves every time we faced each other,” Messi acknowledged.

It is that Iker Casillas, despite having been one of the best archers in the world, was one of the favorite victims of La Pulga, who converted 17 goals before he left Porto de Portugal in July 2015.

The goalkeeper himself also surrendered to the FC Barcelona captain after leaving the Merengue institution: “The best striker I have ever faced? It’s Messi. I have faced him many times and I have no doubts. I have had to experience it many times, both good and bad ”.

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