Pablo Escobar’s family sued a rapper for using the name of drug lord for a restaurant

Musician Tauheed Heakeen Eps, better known as 2 Chainz, faces prosecution for naming one of his Escobar Restaurant and Tapas businesses.

The family of the late Colombian drug lord Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria sued an American rapper for having named one of his restaurants with the name of the head of the Medellín Cartel without his prior consent.

The rapper is called Tauheed Heakeen Eps, but he is known in the music world as 2 Chaninz, who opened in Atlanta a place called Escobar Restaurant and Tapas and became a legal target of the family of the late narco who through the Escobar Inc company , directed by Pablo’s brother, Roberto Escobar, claims that the name cannot be used on the restaurant’s facade, the website, social media, or any other advertising material.

The economic pretensions of Roberto Escobar, known in the times of the Medellín Cartel as “Osito”, is that the rapper pay 10 million dollars for the damages caused by the misuse of his brother’s name.

In the civil lawsuit that is also directed at the partner of rapper Mychell “Snoop” Dillard, it is accused that not only was Escobar’s name used to name the restaurant, but dishes that also use it are served on the menu, such as the “Escobar Crab Cakes” or a cocktail called “The Colombian”. In addition, the place is decorated with images and paraphernalia that evokes the drug lord and the aesthetics of narcoculture.

He claims that Escobar is recognized for being one of the greatest and most heroic outlaws of all time by many in Colombia and around the world and that his life has also been the subject of numerous books, movies and television series. The text of the demand also highlights that Pablo Escobar was responsible for the construction of thousands of houses and soccer fields in the poorest areas of the city of Medellín in Colombia. However, he does not mention the thousands of deaths and terrorist attacks that were his responsibility during the time he committed the crime as head of the Medellín Cartel.

This is not the first time that Escobar Inc has entered into a similar legal lawsuit, since it obtained the rights to use the name of Pablo Escobar, Roberto and his company have dedicated themselves to suing many other companies for the use of this, or for the alleged plagiarism of products of dubious quality that he promotes on his company’s website.

Such is the case of a lawsuit that he lost against Netflix when the streaming platform aired the series Narcos, which focuses during its first two seasons on the life of the Medellín boss.

He has also waged “wars” as he calls himself against Elon Musk for the alleged plagiarism of a flamethrower, against Bit Coin with the launch of his own cryptocurrency, or against Apple offering a gold-plated Iphone 11 at half the price of its value. the market.

All these products offered by Escobar Inc have ended up bringing a series of criticisms on the networks and accusations of fraud and scam, as they do not comply with what has been advertised and before satisfying or responding to the client they launch a new product as much or more doubtful than the previous one.

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