The cruel nicknames they gave Meghan Markle at Buckingham Palace

A new book about the Dukes of Sussex reveals that the former actress felt she was treated as “difficult” or “a bitch” due to racist and sexist prejudice.

The new book that is shaking the halls of the British monarchy has confirmed the disdain with which the employees and assistants of the Royal House referred to Meghan Markle, with not affectionate nicknames towards the wife of Prince Harry

“Finding Freedom”, which will go on sale on August 11 and is being published in installments by The Times and The Sunday Times, exposes the tensions that led the famous couple to unexpectedly leave the institution.

According to authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, a senior staff member referred to the Duchess of Sussex as “the showgirl of Harry” (the media girl), alluding to her past as an actress. Apparently, her work in front of the cameras was a cross carried by Markle, since other assistants declared their discomfort at having to serve an “actress of a cable program”. Another employee said confidently: “There is simply something about her that does not give me confidence.”

The book also assures that Meghan was called “the Different Duchess”, in a pejorative tone. The authors add that the former actress felt that she was treated as “difficult” or “a bitch” due to racist and sexist prejudice.

Previously, it had already been reported about the names secretly placed in the Royal Palace. According to reports, other employees made a pun with his name to call it “Me-Gain”, which translates into Spanish as “I win”. A nickname that hints a supposed ambitious character.

The couple felt marginalized and never entered into trust with their assistants at the Palace, adds “Finding Freedom,” which led to the break with the monarchy announced in January.

The authors state that Harry and the American actress, who married in May 2018 and on May 6, 2019, had their first child, Archie, feeling “used for their popularity”, “harassed by the press” and “criticized within the walls of the institution for being too sensitive and frank. “

They claim that the couple did not want to leave the monarchy but “find their place in it” -in part, because Meghan had left her previous life to serve in the Royal House-, but their concerns, for being ignored or relegated behind the prince William and other royals were not heard.

After the Palace employees, who mediated the discussions, were unable to find a suitable solution for them, they decided to separate from the monarchy and live on their own first in Canada and now in the United States, where they hope to earn income from talks, lectures and other collaborations, write the authors.

Her initiative to announce her intentions on January 8th through her own website, which they launched in frustration at the lack of internal support, “hurt” Queen Elizabeth II, journalists admit, pointing out that the sovereign eventually supported Harry to have a private life away from the Royal House.

The couple were stripped of their royal titles on April 1, after participating in a final public act with the rest of the family on March 9, a Commonwealth Day religious service at Westminster Abbey in which According to the book, they were ignored by Guillermo and his wife Catalina.

At the beginning of the serialization of this story in the United Kingdom, the Dukes of Sussex, who have several lawsuits for stolen photos or newspaper articles, are in a statement that they have not contributed in any way to the preparation of the text. “This book is based on the experiences of its authors as members of the group of royalty correspondents and on their own articles,” they argue in the note.

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