The first champion with Schumacher and two talents with a hunger for glory: how is the technical triumvirate that seeks to save Ferrari in Formula 1

Mattia Binotto is no longer responsible for the area, but is still team manager. A group of three engineers who today works on the development of the cars, would be at the forefront of car care. Who they are and why they have scrolls to revive the Scuderia.

In the absence of five dates to complete his 1,000 Formula 1 races, Ferrari removed his home and now has a new technical top. It is another measure after the restructuring that was announced last week. It is a triumvirate that would be in charge of that area and where Mattia Binotto, the team’s still director, will no longer interfere.

Now the attention of the two SF1000 would be in the hands of a group of engineers who would seek to save the Scuderia honors in 2020. It sounds strange, but in a championship where Mercedes and the Englishman Lewis Hamilton expanded their domain, the top goal of the squad Maranello’s goal is to reach the runner-up in the Constructors’ World Championship where he is fourth today.

In the four Grand Prix races, the Ferrarista pilots, the German Sebastian Vettel and the Monegasque Charles Leclerc, did not have the real performance they intended. To the touch they had between them in the second Austrian race where both abandoned, the following results were added:

Vettel (13º puesto en el torneo): 10º, 6º y 10º.

Leclerc (5º lugar en el certamen): 2º, 11º y 3º. Cabe recordar que su último podio en Silverstone, fue por la rotura de la goma delantera izquierda del finlandés Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes).

Para intentar remediar el panorama, la novedad en el equipo apunta a que Binotto se pueda focalizar en el aspecto deportivo y en otros temas. Él también se mantuvo como cabeza en lo técnico porque es ingeniero, conoce ese puesto desde hace años y hasta fue el jefe de los motores. De esta forma se busca que la cadena de mando esté más ordenada y mejorar el rendimiento de sus autos.

Mattia Binotto (right) ceased to be the team’s technical director (Ferrari Press).

The decision is correct based on a better division of labor. Binotto’s ability as a coach is not in doubt, but it was shown that he cannot be on top of everything. So in the restructuring of the team that was announced last week, the creation of the performance development department by the engineer Enrico Cardile was reported.

“I am no longer technical director, I am only a team leader. There are many tasks in the management of a company, there is no way to do them all at the same time. We recently changed our technical organization in Maranello. We had to do that. We need people responsible for each area. I think we have succeeded, “said Binotto in dialogue with Motorsport.

“We have made changes on the technical side to speed up design and development when it comes to performance. This change of direction is necessary to define clear lines of responsibility and work processes, while reaffirming the company’s faith in its pool of technical talent, ”Binotto said last week when the restructuring of the team was announced. “Enrico Cardile’s department will draw on the experience of Rory Byrne and renowned engineers like David Sánchez. It will be the basis for the development of the car ”.

“We believe that the people of Ferrari are at the highest level and we do not have to envy our rivals in this regard, but we need to make a decisive change, raising the bar in terms of responsibility for department heads,” said Binotto. “Today we are not competitive, but I am sure we can reverse it,” said the engineer in a chat with Autosport.

For now there was no official confirmation, but as Mattia indicated, the basis for decision-making for the work on red monoposts would be the responsibility of a working group led today by the Italian Enrico Cardile, the South African historian Rory Byrne and the French David Sanchez

Who are the engineers who would seek to revive Ferrari?

Cardile graduated with an aeronautical specialty and, when he received it in 2002, his thesis was based on the Ferrari wind tunnel. In 2003 he worked at the University of Pisa and collaborated with Ferrari on an aerodynamic innovation project. In 2005 he was hired by the Maranello firm.

He was responsible for the design of the race version of the Ferrari Gran Turismo 458 Italia GT2 and GT3 and 488 GTE and GT3, cars that dominated in their respective championships. Also in their classes they achieved victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona. In addition, in their divisionals they won world titles in the World Endurance Championship (WEC), the most important category in the world in long-term races.

In 2016 Cardile joined general sports management and car project manager. In 2019, when Binotto was named team principal, he became head of aerodynamics and vehicle project manager.

Byrne is best known of the three for his successful career. He arrived at Ferrari in 1996 from the hand of Michael Schumacher. The two worked together at Benetton, the team with which the German achieved the two-time championship in 1994 and 1995. Then they also achieved glory at the Scuderia, which achieved eleven titles between 1999 and 2004, five for Drivers and six for Constructors.

At the end of the 2006 season and with Schumi’s first retirement, Byrne also stepped aside, but not entirely. He continued as a consultant to the Maranello team. In 2012 he got involved in the car with which the Spanish Fernando Alonso fought for the crown until the last date. Although he also participated in a fiasco like the 2014 car. He then continued with his external advice. Now 76 years old, he was closer to the team again and will fully contribute his experience.

David Sánchez in the middle of the celebration between Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen on the podium of Spa-Francorchamps 2018 (Press: Spa Grand Prix).

While Sánchez arrived at La Rossa in 2012 at the request of Pat Fry (another renowned engineer). He was trained at the French National Superior School of Mechanics and Aerodynamics. In 2005, he joined the aerodynamic area of ​​Renault, the year in which Alonso obtained the first of his two championships. In 2007 he went to McLaren, team with which Hamilton captured in 2008 the first of his six championships. In the British team, he became responsible for aerodynamics.

Already at Ferrari, in 2017 he also became the head in the aerodynamic area and his work was noticed. That year’s SF70-H, where there was a drastic change to the cars, was very competitive. Even Vettel finished the first part of the season as leader of the contest. Also the 2018 car showed a good level at the beginning of that year, but then they were surpassed again by Mercedes and Hamilton, winner of three of four races in 2020 and solid leader of the championship.

While two questions are raised whose answers help to understand the reason for the changes that Ferrari had.

Is this restructuring on time?

No. The reorganization should have been done earlier. Even in the middle of last year, to better face 2020. A more solid work structure would have been put together, where each specialist has the real participation and decision in their area. But better late than never. This reassembly is a start and having each party in place will allow them to work in a more orderly fashion.

Will Byrne be able to revive Ferrari?

Being a veteran does not take away your suitability. His ability was demonstrated in the golden years where the team shone with Schumacher. He has a lot of experience and if his contribution were not valuable, he would not have worked as an external consultant. Added again permanently, there will be a key theme: internal jealousy. If Cardile understands that having Byrne on his side is not a nuisance, but a strong reinforcement, they will form a good team to improve the red cars. The hot iron they grab is as strong as glory they could earn their talents lined up to find an optimal car in Maranello.

With the development of the cars frozen until 2021, Byrne can be instrumental in working on the car for the coming season. Also, prepare in advance the ground for the great change of regulation that is coming for 2022 with the new single-posts. If Cardile, Byrne and Sánchez pull together for the same side, typhoses could start to get excited, but in a long time. It should be remembered that the president Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (business group that integrates Ferrari), John Elkann, said last week that “he does not expect to see the winning team until 2022 …”

With the restructuring of its team, Ferrari aspires to ensure a greater push in the development of benefits. It will have a more focused and simple chain of command, which will give the directors of each department the necessary tools to improve the tasks and therefore achieve good results.

The rest of the main areas remain unchanged. Enrico Gualtieri will continue to be responsible for engines, Laurent Mekies will be the sports director and Simone Resta continues to be in charge of the chassis department.

In this exercise the SF1000 does not have a good engine or chassis. Regarding the impeller, today it delivers about 60/70 horsepower less than in 2019 when they were denounced by Red Bull for alleged irregularities in the fuel flow. After four dates the performance of their cars leaves much to be desired and with this change in the technical head they seek to reverse the panorama.

Bad weather with Vettel

After Silverstone the German complained harshly about the performance of the Ferrari. Beyond the role of the last weekend, where the four-time champion began to get into his car – as if he were a mechanic – the F-1 on its official Instagram published a video where a strange situation was exposed between Sebastian and Binotto. It was a dialogue on the radio where the German did not reply to the team director …

MB: “Hi Seb, Mattia … Race lasts today. We know it was a tough weekend, but in a week we will be back here and we will do better ”.

SV: (no response).

Then Vettel confirms to another person that the radio was working fine. And I add:

SV: “Yes, it was a tough race. He had very little confidence in the car. Basically similar to classification. Fighting lap by lap. I tried many things, but nothing really was a breakthrough. Well done on the other side. Well done Charles (Leclerc) and… good pit stop, guys. ”

Beyond this restructuring and that Binotto is no longer in charge of the technical area, that of the German is already a fait accompli and these are his last races with Ferrari. In 2021 he would be at Aston Martin, which will enter the Máxima taking the place of Racing Point.

Ferrari put the change in one of the two most important areas of a team: technique. In sports, its drivers do what they can and hope that improvements to their cars will come soon. Achieving a quality jump in the red monoposts is the great challenge for Cardile and Sánchez. Veteran Byrne comes with all the mystique of the glorious years with Schumacher. Today the antithesis of these times is lived where the Scuderia has as its objective the Constructors runner-up.

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