The six tips necessary to take care of your dog’s health

We live with them and they are part of our day to day, that is why it is important to attend to certain care that will be necessary throughout their lives and that will also avoid problems.

1-Do not underestimate deworming

Veterinarians Alicia Piorno (M.P559) and Graciela Carbajo (M.P472) agree that deworming animals is a crucial issue for the health of animals and people.

“There are parasitic diseases such as hydatidosis, endemic to various areas of the country, that are transmitted from the animal to the human being. Infested people suffer from cysts in the lungs or liver that can cause nausea, chronic cough and even chest pain and the belly “, they assure.

These diseases are transmitted “in some areas” when people feed their dogs raw beef, sheep or pig viscera. “This is very dangerous because the viscera can harbor the parasites that cause this disease,” explains Carbajo.

In addition, it maintains that the contagion can occur through close contact or through the feces of animals that can contaminate water, vegetables and even other animals.

For this reason, specialists insist on simple preventive actions: getting informed to know the possible sources of contagion; deworming our animals: the frequency depends on the area of ​​the country where we are, so it is very important to consult with our veterinarian.

2- Limits are necessary to give them security

“For a dog, the family that it integrates is its pack and in a pack there are hierarchies”, explains Carbajo and continues: “If people do not take their leadership, it is possible that the animal occupies that place. When we decide to add an animal to the family, it is important to talk together about what is allowed and what is not, and keep those agreements from the first moment. “

Limits are necessary for them to live in a safe environment. “A safe dog is a happy dog. On the other hand, an environment without limits generates insecurity: the dog howls, jumps and even bites”, warns Piorno.

In addition, the professionals agree that “it is very sad to visit a house and see the dog away in a corner for its misconduct.”

3-The time to play

“Lack of play and walking causes most of the behavior problems in dogs,” says canine instructor Juan Pablo Mastrángelo.

Both activities are fundamental for the integral development of our animal and many times, they are not given the importance they deserve.

“Dogs descend from wolves and that is where their imperative to hunt comes from,” explains Mastrángelo and expands. “We have a hunter at home who doesn’t hunt,” so one way to channel that instinct is through conscious play.

“Chasing is a typical hunting behavior. So if we tie a ball to a stick and have the dog chase it, the ball replaces the prey and lets the animal channel its instinct into that toy,” he says.

In this way, the dog develops in balance with its instincts.

  1. Go for a walk

Going for a walk represents an unusual activity for the dog: it meets other dogs, with people, it is distracting and socializing.

“The walk strengthens the bond with our dog”, emphasizes the trainer and assures that if he does not do it “anything that happens in the environment is a drop that overflows the glass and unbalances them: they are exacerbated when they greet or they are not very obedient”.

Lack of a walk generates a feeling of confinement and boredom, leading to misconduct.
When the dog walks, it exercises a very important aspect of its hunting instinct: smell. “For them this sense is like sight for us,” says Mastrángelo, and recommends letting them sniff what they need and not remove them abruptly.

“It is as if you were reading a WhatsApp conversation and suddenly, they take the cell phone out of your hands,” he explains.

5- Do not humanize the feeding of our dog

It seems that this topic is still not very clear. “Dogs cannot have the same diet as a human being. Nutrition for them is different and they should not be humanized in this regard,” explains veterinarian Carbajo.

“Our dog can be fed in his family decide: balanced or homemade food, both are a good option,” adds Piorno.

Do not humanize the feeding of our dog.
Do not humanize the feeding of our dog.
In this regard, the doctor adds: “Homemade food is not just meat, rice or polenta. Many times, people do not have the time to prepare food and end up eating polenta on their plate and that is not healthy for our partner.”

6- Treat the dog like a dog

This point may be one of the most complex especially since our animals are currently taking the full place of a family.

“Dogs are wonderfully dogs”, emphasizes Piorno and explains that treating them with human criteria is not healthy for them. “Dogs don’t think like us and they don’t choose based on our criteria. They are simpler.”

For this reason, the doctor assures that “humanizing them is thinking that they do things for revenge or on purpose and those attitudes are human, not canine,” she explains.

However, there are other reasons why dogs make trouble: They may be bored or feel insecure. “Sometimes they prefer a correction on our part rather than indifference,” says Piorno.

After a relationship of thousands of years, domestication through, it is still necessary to know our animals and try to understand their language to strengthen this genuine bond of love and respect.

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